Moazzem Hossain

Moazzem Hossain

By taking the hands of development and advancement of Bangladesh, those a few businessmen who had been able to advance, Moazzem Hossain is one of them. Hosaf Group established by him created the steps of economic advancement, by profound contributions into the commerce and industry of the country. Their most prime activities are around the electricity sector. ‘Hosaf Meter’ well-known in the market of electrical goods and accessories is one of the commodities of this group. Electric Fan also manufactured by them is one of the popular electric goods. Moazzem Hossain did not only keep contributions limited within manufacturing of electric merchandises. In order to ease crisis of staggering electricity sector established power generation plant at Raozan of Chittagong in co-operation with China’s CMEC. Power generated in this Plant is having significant role in solution of national crisis. Mr. Moazzem Hossain later expanded investments to other sectors. Alongside trade and industry he has attention to education, culture and social service. He had significant contributions in establishing National Bank School and College. Later he was elected Chairman of the Governing Body of this institution. Let his contributions be further extended as Chairman of Hosaf Group of the country- this is our expectation. He has been nominated as one of the top personalities in recognition of his setting up examples of extraordinary success in electrical industry sector. Sincere greetings to him from Arthokatha. We wish him to remain firm with the objective of utilizing industrial potentialities in country’s growing electricity sector. To keep the victorious journey of trade and industrial undertakings, uninterrupted which has commenced in Bangladesh, entrepreneur with innovative outlook like him is needed. It is well-known that behind discovery of Baropukuria Coal mine, Hosaf has mentionable role. Let Mr. Moazzem Hossain advance with more firm steps to extend activities of Hosaf, let Bangladesh be enriched due to his activities.

Courtesy: Aurthokatha

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