Income Tax SRO

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257257-AIN/2016/257-IncomeAug 10, 2016Active
258258-AIN/2016/258-IncomeAug 10, 2016Reduced tax rate on jute goods exportActive
259259-AIN/2016/259-IncomeAug 10, 2016Amendment of income tax rate-1984 and modified SRO-209/income tax/2016Active
246246-AIN/2016/246-IncomeJul 28, 2016Modified SRO No-254/Ain/2013Active
245245-AIN/2016/245-IncomeJul 28, 2016Exemption on permanent imported item for jointly established power company Gov. and others. Active
242242-AIN/2016/242-IncomeJul 28, 2016Exemption on consultancy Income of Atomstroyexport Company for Ruppur Nuclear power plantActive
203203-AIN/2016/203-IncomeJun 29, 2016Amendment of Income tax rules-1984Active
204204-AIN/2016/204-IncomeJun 29, 2016Revision of ADR ruleActive
205205-AIN/2016/205-IncomeJun 29, 2016Reduced tax rate on Jute goods exportActive
206206-AIN/2016/206-IncomeJun 29, 2016Cancellation of SRO 99/Ain/Income Tax/2015 Active
207207-AIN/2016/207-IncomeJun 29, 2016AIT on export of Jute goodsActive
208208-AIN/2016/208-IncomeJun 29, 2016Reduced tax rate on Knit Wear and Woven GarmentsActive
209209-AIN/2016/209-IncomeJun 29, 2016Amendment of Income Tax Rule -1984Active
109109-AIN/2016/109-IncomeApr 25, 2016Correction of SRO No-157/Ain/Income Tax/2014Active
224224-AIN/2015/224-IncomeJul 2, 2015Exports TaxActive
192192-AIN/2015/192-IncomeJun 30, 2015Rule amendment SRO 2015Active
193193-AIN/2015/193-IncomeJun 30, 2015Textile tax rateActive
194 194-AIN/2015/194-IncomeJun 30, 2015Jute Goods tax rateActive
195195-AIN/2015/195-IncomeJun 30, 2015SEC Tax HolidayActive
196196-AIN/2015/196-IncomeJun 30, 2015Tax Rate of Capital Gain on ShareActive