Mohd. Fazlul Haque

Mohd. Fazlul Haque

A well known entrepreneur personality in the textile industry sector is Mohd. Fazlul Haque. Helmsman of Knit fashion this entrepreneur personality is at present performing responsibilities as President of Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters’ Association. Under his leadership country’s knit textile sector attained enviable advancement during the last era. Country’s knitwear industry has emerged as largest single exporter in recent times. In the financial year 2006-2007, in knit sector total export receipts stood at 4553.60 Million Dollar, which is the second largest of Bangladesh’s export activities in the financial year. During the first 7 months of financial year 2007-08,through export growth of 21.81 percent volume of export stood at 3014,60 Million Dollar. Not only by production and export income but also innumerable steps for developments were undertaken during this time such as training of labor, setting up of training institute for wretched poor, duty free market access meetings in China, India and United States. Initiatives for implementation of compliance were undertaken at BKMEA member factories under the leadership of Mr. Mohd. Fazlul Haque. Apart from that various social steps were undertaken for including distribution of commodities of daily necessities at reduced rates amongst garments workers and extending hands towards Sidr victims.  Under Fazul Huq’s leadership, BKMEA is at present active in following up of productivity development and compliance in factories. By taking up responsibilities in 2004 in adverse political-economic situation in 2004, incessant endeavors were run by Mr. Mohd. Fazlul Haque to organize knitwear sector. He has been nominated as year’s one of the top personalities in the year 2007, for impeccable role in development and growth of knitwear sector. Arthokatha is feeling proud by giving this entrepreneur personality nomination as top personality.  

Courtesy: Aurthokatha

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