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Abdul Matlub Ahmad is an entrepreneur, versatile industrialist and the prime conglomerates a firm believer of national development, economic growth through industrial revolution and creating employment opportunity for ever increasing head counts. He also believes and does mentioned in many of his discussion and meeting the use of common sense. Work hard but smartly, invest boldly but wisely and discard mistakes ruthlessly but tactfully. This great quotation goes along very well with his dynamic nature and pleasant personality. “A little common sense, goodwill, and a tiny dose of unselfishness could make this goodly earth into an earthly paradise.”

Matlub Ahmad started Nitol Motors Ltd. in 1981 and eventually in 1990 he went into joint venture with Tata Motors under the banner of Nitol Motors. It has spawned many new employment, business opportunity like Nita Joint Venture, Nitol Cement, Nitol Insurance, Nitol Leasing Company, Niloy Hero Motors, Nitol Curtis Paper Mill, Kaliachapra Sugar Mill etc. that has widen business and employment opportunity in the country as a whole.

Matlub says: “Technology is advancing fast and demanding rapid innovation, self-employment is on the rise and becoming an accepted norm. Therefore companies and individuals are looking to invest in startups, and governments and business groups are supporting entrepreneurs with various loans, such as our own Nitol Motors Nano scheme. Provided that you have a product or service that fills a gap in the market, this is a great time to be an entrepreneur”

This is by nature he does creates opportunity for him-self and for other investors to expedite the economic development of the country by setting platform to work meticulously with other fast growing countries. Mr. Matlub Ahmad under his brilliant and charismatic leadership has led and guided many organizations to a grand success and earned many laurel. In recent time his versatile business merit is attracting many world reputed Companies and Industrialist for setting up joint venture in Bangladesh with attractive packages.

President of Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI).
Founder President of Indo –Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industries.
Founder President of Bangladesh Automobiles Assemblers & Manufactures Association.
Past President of Bangladesh–Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industries
Director of Bangladesh Thailand Chamber of Commerce & Industries.
Past Director of Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI). Matlub Ahmad has led and joined some important and significant high level business delegation with Honorable Prime Minister to many countries of the world. He is always been active and powerful members of delegate to join and participate leading business meeting and conferences:

a. He was the member of Honorable Prime Minister entourage during her official visit to Italy (from 15-18 October 2014), was a leading member to join China official visit from (06-11 th Jun 2014).

b. He had the privilege and honor to be a member of Honorable Prime Minister’s entourage during her Bangladesh Business delegation trip to Tripura (Agartala, India (from 11 -12 January 2012.

c. Participated in India Invest-trade (special focus on Energy Sector & Electrical Equipment in Ruposhi Bangla Hotel, Dhaka in May 2011.

d. Led Business Delegation to Hyderabad, Mumbai, Poona and Kolkata 2008-2009.

e. Participated as the Co-Chairman of Task Force Meeting on Bilateral Trade between Bangladesh and India held on 20' June, 2006, 2007,2008

f. Participated in the INTERCEM ASIA (9th International Conference on Cement) in New Delhi in September, 2005; INTERCEM AMERICAS in Florida in November, 2005; INTERCEM MARRAKECH in Morocco in February, 2006; INTERCEM 20th ANNIVERSARY LONDON 2006 in June, 2006; INTERCEM DUBAI Conference held in February, 2007 and Participated in 9th Asia Cement-Trade 2007 Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam in April, 2007.

g. As leader of Bangladesh delegation he participated in World Islamic Economic Forum held on 27-29 May, 2007 in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

h. Participated in the OIC Conference in Malaysia as a member of the delegation from FBCCI in June, 2005.

i. Led Business Delegation to Meghalaya on 20' June & Mizoram on 22nd June, 2006 on Purchase, Investment & Trade Issues.

j. He is also known for his sporting achievement; a keen promoter of sports, his contribution for development of games & sports in Bangladesh is commendable. For example, he sponsored – NITOL-TATA National Football League for the year 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2014.

Besides his number of other social activities, he is actively involved and very much concerned with environmental pollution to keep the world safe and secure place for the future generation. The first time car rally has been sponsored by him in the year 2014 in Dhaka and also the 2nd Car Rally has been sponsored in this year 2015.

Mr. Matlub Ahmad born in 1952; Graduation B.A. (Hons.) and M.A in Economics from world’s most reputed Oxford University. He is happily married to Selima Ahmad winner of Oslo Business for Peace Award and is blessed with two star boys- upcoming business leader of the country, Abdul Musabbir Ahmad (Nitol) and Abdul Marib Ahmad (Niloy) & 4 Grandson from Abdul Musabbir and Nazia - IMAAN, AMEEN, AMAAN & USMAAN

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