72. Power to make rules.-

72. Power to make rules.-

(1)     The Board may, for carrying out the purposes of this Act, make rules by notification in the official Gazette.

(2)     Specially, and without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid powers, the rules may be made containing about all or any of the following provisions, namely:

(a)     imposition, fixation and collection of value added tax or supplementary duty and for the purpose of such fixation price declaration, price determination and process relating to  this,  taking  rebate  (credit)  of  input  tax  and  defining  authorities  to discharge duties under this Act;

(b)     removal and transportation  of goods liable to levy of value added tax from the place of production, manufacture or business;

(c)     appointment of Government officer to supervise the application of any rule made under this Act;

(d) storage separately at the place of production or manufacture or supply of taxable goods  and  exempted goods, and the inputs used for production, Manufacture or supply thereof;

(e)     providing necessary information by a person engaged in supply of taxable goods

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or rendering of taxable service under this Act;

(f)     supply  of  taxable  goods  in  particular  packets,  bags  or  containers  only  and compulsory printing, inscribing or knitting of retail price on the packets, bags or containers containing the goods;

(g)     confiscation of any goods in relation to which any provision of this Actor any rule is contravened;

(h)     collection and examination of samples of goods produced  or manufactured or imported,  purchase, acquired  or procured  in any other manner and inspection, search or seizure of transport carrying taxable goods;

(i)      export of goods or services and procedure of rebate and drawback related to the export;

(j)      authorization to the Commissioner, value added tax to issue written order on any matter arising out of any rule made under this Act;

(k)     grant reward in accordance with the provisions of section 71 AA.

(3)     The Board may, in accordance with provisions of this section make such Rules without prejudice to any provisions relating to taking any other action under this Act, to impose on the person who contravenes any rule a monetary penalty not exceeding two and half times of the amount of  value  added tax or, where applicable,  value added tax and supplementary duty payable on the relevant goods or service and the goods or service to which the contravention relates shall be forfeited in favour of the Government.

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