Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB)

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Dr.A S M Shirajuddin

Chief Inspector




Md.Nazmul Haque

Deputy Chief Inspector (General)




Mr. Shahed Ali

Deputy Chief Inspector




Functions of CIFE
  1. Inspection of factories, shops, commercial establishments, tea plantations, ports/docks, inland water transport and road transport, under the 46 labour laws for enforcement of the provision relation to safety, health, hygiene, labour welfare, payment of wages, regulation of work, conditions and terms of employment, social security, etc. of workers.
  2. Prosecution against the violators of labour laws in different courts.
  3. Approval of construction and extension of factories.
  4. Approval of layout plans of factories.
  5. Issue of registrations and licenses of factories and realization of fees for the purpose.( Any manufacturing company employing ten or more workers is required to be registered under the Factories Act, 1965 with the office of the Chief Inspector of Factories and Establishment. The act is primarily to regulate working conditions and to ensure safety in the factory).
  6. Maintenance of liaison with different Government departments, employers’ organization and trade unions on enforcement of labour laws.
  7. Grant of exemptions to managements for operation of different provisions of labour laws.
  8. Collection and compilation of data for preparation of annual and other periodical reports under various labour laws.
  9. Advice to the Government in formulation of policies about enforcement of labour laws and farming labour laws, including amendments of various Acts and Rules.
  10. Preparation of replies to ILO questionnaires relating to adoption of ILO conventions and Recommendations.
  11. Assistance to other international agencies in preparing survey reports relating to labour inspection, wages administration, working conditions, occupational health and safety, etc.
  12. Representing the Government at national and international seminars, meetings, forums, etc. on labour inspection, labour administration, productivity, etc.
  13. Approval of Service Rules of the workers as and when applied for by the managements of different establishments.
Examination and checking of the certificates issued by the competent authority relating to safe operation of gears, derricks, winches and other accessories of ports and ships ensuring safety. Also inspection of ships touching at Chittagong and Chalna ports of enforcement of safety and welfare provision of law.