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Golden Bangladesh is a non-government, non-political social organization. It is working constantly in the field of advancement of Bangladesh. It has 4(four) web-portals, amongst them all provides a to z information on business and income tax. Role of Income tax in the case of comprehensive development of Bangladesh is undeniable. Our country’s tax culture is not very old. Income Tax laws are more or less complex which are not intelligible to common people. Golden Bangladesh is the first organization in private/non-government entrepreneurship which has come forward to make Bangladesh citizens aware from the perspectives of social responsibilities. All information on Income Tax are provided in our business related web portal.

We are still very much lagging behind in the use of Information Technology in Bangladesh for which reason we have come forward with publications. As a result anyone can get information on relevant topics, data both in print and electronic set-up. Relevantly our Income Tax Guide in print form is also available in digitized version in our web portal together with different laws, rules, Statutory Regulatory Orders, FAQ Frequently Asked Questions with answers. Together you will get business related A to Z information. Alongside you will get Income Tax return form fill up software as a result of which you would be able to prepare your return yourself within 20/25 minutes without any outside help.

If this initiative of Golden Bangladesh comes of any help to anyone and even if the country goes a small step ahead towards development due to our endeavor in that case we would treat us successful. Our mission is to help people grow their businesses. This is why buyers and sellers from Bangladesh and abroad turn to every year to discover, compare. Many advertisers use to reach these valuable buyers and sellers.

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Golden Bangladesh is a point of access to information.We present information from diverse sources in a unified way. It is the leading web portal, e-Directory and business guide in Bangladesh.

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